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League Table Adult Football League Division Two

Naomh Olaf 119112041356919
Ballinteer St Johns 119022181368218
Scoil Ui Chonaill 119021651372818
Round Towers (C) 117041971841314
Raheny 116141901583213
Fingal Ravens 11524145151-612
St Patricks (P) 11605166183-1712
Naomh Mearnog 11515168161711
St Annes 11515165163211
Na Fianna 105051751423310
Templeogue Synge Street 10325145161-168
St Marys S 11326170191-218
Erins Isle 11317133186-537
Whitehall Colmcille 11218128174-465
O Tooles 11218147205-585
St Patricks (D) 11119131180-493

Adult Football League Division Two
10:30Erins Isle 3-6vs2-9St Patricks (D) More
10:30Fingal Ravens 0-9vs0-18Raheny More
10:30Naomh Olaf 4-14vs0-8O Tooles More
10:30Round Towers (C) 1-9vs0-10Naomh Mearnog More
10:30St Marys S 1-11vs2-8St Annes More
10:30Raheny 0-10vs1-9Scoil Ui Chonaill More
10:30Na Fianna 0-10vs1-11Naomh Olaf More
10:30Naomh Mearnog 1-12vs1-7Ballinteer St Johns More
10:30St Annes 2-11vs0-8Erins Isle More
10:30St Patricks (D) 0-11vs1-11Round Towers (C) More
10:30Templeogue Synge Street 2-8vs1-12St Marys S More
10:30Whitehall Colmcille 0-6vs1-5St Patricks (P) More
20:00O Tooles 1-7vs0-10Fingal Ravens More
17:00Ballinteer St Johns 1-8vs0-7St Patricks (D) More
18:00Erins Isle 2-15vs3-11St Marys S More
18:00Fingal Ravens 2-7vs2-6Na Fianna More
18:00Naomh Olaf 2-12vs1-13Naomh Mearnog More
18:00Round Towers (C) 2-15vs3-6St Annes More
18:00Scoil Ui Chonaill 4-13vs1-11O Tooles More
18:00St Patricks (P) 2-5vs2-13Raheny More
18:00Whitehall Colmcille 0-8vs0-8Templeogue Synge Street More
19:15Na Fianna 1-10vs0-14Scoil Ui Chonaill More
19:15Naomh Mearnog 2-10vs2-9Fingal Ravens More
19:15O Tooles 1-11vs3-8St Patricks (P) More
19:15Raheny 2-14vs1-6Whitehall Colmcille More
19:15St Annes 0-9vs1-21Ballinteer St Johns More
19:15St Marys S 1-20vs1-19Round Towers (C) More
19:15St Patricks (D) 0-14vs2-9Naomh Olaf More
19:15Templeogue Synge Street 0-10vs1-10Erins Isle More
18:00Ballinteer St Johns 2-12vs0-9St Marys S More
18:00Fingal Ravens 2-9vs1-3St Patricks (D) More
18:00Naomh Olaf 3-8vs1-7St Annes More
18:00Raheny 3-15vs0-9Templeogue Synge Street More
18:00Round Towers (C) 1-16vs3-9Erins Isle More
18:00Scoil Ui Chonaill 0-10vs0-8Naomh Mearnog More
18:00St Patricks (P) 3-8vs4-14Na Fianna More
18:00Whitehall Colmcille 1-12vs1-7O Tooles More
19:15Ballinteer St Johns 0-17vs1-5Na Fianna More
19:15Scoil Ui Chonaill 2-15vs0-13Whitehall Colmcille More
19:15St Patricks (P) 2-7vs3-10Templeogue Synge Street More
19:30Erins Isle 0-13vs1-16Ballinteer St Johns More
19:30Na Fianna 2-10vs2-13Whitehall Colmcille More
19:30Naomh Mearnog 1-9vs1-8St Patricks (P) More
19:30O Tooles 3-9vs1-14Raheny More
19:30St Annes 1-11vs0-12Fingal Ravens More
19:30St Marys S 1-8vs1-14Naomh Olaf More
19:30St Patricks (D) 0-11vs3-11Scoil Ui Chonaill More
19:30Templeogue Synge Street 3-9vs3-7Round Towers (C) More
18:30Ballinteer St Johns 3-21vs3-13Round Towers (C) More
18:30Fingal Ravens 2-10vs0-13St Marys S More
18:30Naomh Olaf 4-19vs0-5Erins Isle More
18:30O Tooles 0-14vs1-14Templeogue Synge Street More
18:30Raheny 2-9vs2-18Na Fianna More
18:30Scoil Ui Chonaill 0-10vs0-8St Annes More
18:30St Patricks (P) 3-8vs1-11St Patricks (D) More
18:30Whitehall Colmcille 0-11vs1-17Naomh Mearnog More
19:30Erins Isle 1-8vs1-10Fingal Ravens More
19:30Na Fianna 2-15vs1-5O Tooles More
19:30Naomh Mearnog 1-15vs2-14Raheny More
19:30Round Towers (C) 1-13vs2-8Naomh Olaf More
19:30St Annes 1-11vs1-12St Patricks (P) More
19:30St Marys S 0-8vs2-6Scoil Ui Chonaill More
19:30St Patricks (D) 2-11vs2-9Whitehall Colmcille More
19:30Templeogue Synge Street 2-13vs2-17Ballinteer St Johns More
18:30Fingal Ravens 2-9vs1-7Round Towers (C) More
18:30Naomh Olaf 3-8vs0-14Ballinteer St Johns More
18:30O Tooles 1-11vs1-16Naomh Mearnog More
18:30Raheny 2-9vs2-5St Patricks (D) More
18:30Scoil Ui Chonaill 3-11vs0-7Erins Isle More
18:30St Patricks (P) 5-11vs2-13St Marys S More
18:30Whitehall Colmcille 1-6vs3-12St Annes More
19:30Ballinteer St Johns 3-14vs1-6Fingal Ravens More
19:30Erins Isle 0-11vs1-11St Patricks (P) More
19:30Naomh Mearnog 1-13vs4-10Na Fianna More
19:30Round Towers (C) 0-16vs1-10Scoil Ui Chonaill More
19:30St Annes 2-15vs1-13Raheny More
19:30St Marys S 3-13vs1-12Whitehall Colmcille More
19:30St Patricks (D) 3-7vs3-11O Tooles More
19:30Templeogue Synge Street 1-10vs1-14Naomh Olaf More
18:30Fingal Ravens 2-12vs2-12Naomh Olaf More
18:30Na Fianna 1-20vs1-6St Patricks (D) More
18:30Naomh Mearnog 1-15vs3-9Templeogue Synge Street More
18:30O Tooles 1-14vs4-10St Annes More
18:30Raheny 0-16vs1-13St Marys S More
18:30Scoil Ui Chonaill 0-8vs3-20Ballinteer St Johns More
18:30St Patricks (P) 2-11vs3-20Round Towers (C) More
18:30Whitehall Colmcille 0-8vs2-5Erins Isle More
19:15Ballinteer St Johns -vs-St Patricks (P) More
19:15Erins Isle -vs-Raheny More
19:15Naomh Olaf -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill More
19:15Round Towers (C) -vs-Whitehall Colmcille More
19:15St Annes -vs-Na Fianna More
19:15St Marys S -vs-O Tooles More
19:15St Patricks (D) -vs-Naomh Mearnog More
19:15Templeogue Synge Street -vs-Fingal Ravens More
18:30Na Fianna -vs-St Marys S More
18:30Naomh Mearnog -vs-St Annes More
18:30O Tooles -vs-Erins Isle More
18:30Raheny -vs-Round Towers (C) More
18:30Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-Fingal Ravens More
18:30St Patricks (D) -vs-Templeogue Synge Street More
18:30St Patricks (P) -vs-Naomh Olaf More
18:30Whitehall Colmcille -vs-Ballinteer St Johns More
19:00Na Fianna -vs-Templeogue Synge Street More
18:30Ballinteer St Johns -vs-Raheny More
18:30Erins Isle -vs-Na Fianna More
18:30Fingal Ravens -vs-St Patricks (P) More
18:30Naomh Olaf -vs-Whitehall Colmcille More
18:30Round Towers (C) -vs-O Tooles More
18:30St Annes -vs-St Patricks (D) More
18:30St Marys S -vs-Naomh Mearnog More
18:30Templeogue Synge Street -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill More
18:15Na Fianna -vs-Round Towers (C) More
18:15Naomh Mearnog -vs-Erins Isle More
18:15O Tooles -vs-Ballinteer St Johns More
18:15Raheny -vs-Naomh Olaf More
18:15St Patricks (D) -vs-St Marys S More
18:15St Patricks (P) -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill More
18:15Templeogue Synge Street -vs-St Annes More
18:15Whitehall Colmcille -vs-Fingal Ravens More


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